It's time for Creepypastiacs. *sigh* I forgot I am pulling made-up words from my ass. Shit. Anyway... it's time for a new creepypasta. And it's scary to the max. So you better scream and cry before you will collapse, it's a new creepypasta. Why? Because there is a LOST episode of one of my childhood favorites... Animaniacs. A "lost" episode. A fucking "lost" episode! So... how come Animaniacs had a lost episode, you may ask? Well, it was 2pm and I was in a part time-shift at Taco Bell, going outside with a taco costume on, pointing the direction of where a Taco Bell is.

It was a massacre, I'm telling y'all! People threw things at me, a McRib sandwich, a Buzz Lightyear action figure, a Hulk Hogan plushie, sodas from Mountain Dew, and... even a video tape. The video tape was what I was curious about, and what do you know, it was a lost episode... of Animaniacs. The label had a badly drawn MS paint of Yakko, Wakko, and Dot looking down, disappointed, with bruises on their faces. I was curious, since I have a vivid knowledge of lost episodes, like an episode of King of the Hill, where Hank Hill was shoving his propane tank in Peggy's mouth. Or when Miss Frizzle, in the Magic School Bus, had took the kids into outer space in a sad bus that transformed into a rocket, and they were heading to the sun, as they burn into flames. Or in Wheel of Fortune, Pat Sayjak refused to let anyone buy a person.

So expecting to get a raise, I left the job early by telling the boss that I have an appointment with the creator of Family Guy, and hell, even Peter Griffin. Yeah, in other words, I commited a sin, I lied to my boss!

As a lazy fatass, I ran home, in super speed, because I wasn't use to running, then I got to my 2-story apartment. Yeah, it seemed like I could afford rent with... this. Then, I got to my room, going to start my VCR, and put the tape in, expecting what hijinks Yakko, Wakko, and Dot, those Warner siblings, are about to do. And yes, I owned a shit load of lost episodes, like I said before. Have every lost episode of damn near everything that people, especially Dave, would read about online.

The intro is somewhat weird. We see the Warners sing the usual song, but with replaced words in the lyrics. Instead of, "We're Animaniacs, and we're zany to the max," it's been turned into, "We're Animaniacs, and we're fucking suicidal to the max." What?! Okay, so that was the first part, and I thought to myself big deal, it's just a mistake in some recording, and also, I guess cursing, and talking about death, are not off-limits in a kids' show like this. The rest of intro revolve around the Warner siblings drinking each big gallon of Mountain Dew while smoking faggots (it's another term for cigarettes).

The episode begins in a very dark manner. We hear what could be sounds in the background of a teenage girl in extreme pain, yelling, "OH MY GOD!" six times, in agony, and hell, it sounds realistic! More realistic than what realism is...

We cut to the Warner Bros. water tower, of where the Warners live, and it's more stacked together like hell. I can see the goodpidgeons (the pidgeons from the show) hanging through the tower, dead. Inside the water tower, Yakko, Wakko, and Dot looked unusally depressed, appearing with nooses on their forehead. In fact, the animation itself looked cheap and lazy, like some kind of B-movie-ish cartoon. Maybe the animation was unfinished.

"Let's go to the shop." said Yakko, in what seems to be sounding like a sad voice. Maybe Rob Paulsen, the original voice actor who played Yakko, or what I'm assuming in this episode, was nervous. Before the Warners go to the "shop," we see Wakko in the bathroom, taking a piss. Normally, it would be okay if that was censored, and if he was at the toilet, but he was pissing on his hat, and we get to see his black, furry penis. Good GOD! They get down from the water tower, and we see the dumb security guard, Ralph, acting stupid, as usual. As he gets ready to kidnap the Warners and take them back to the tower, we see him take his gun, putting it in his head, and shooting himself, as we see half-cartoon, half-realistic blood. Yakko appears and says, "Dear Peter, we will miss you."

PETER? PETER?! Is this Animaniacs or is this Family Guy?

Anyway, the episode ends, and we cut to a Pinky and the Brain segment, and this is where it gets weirder than the show is at that point! Pinky looks like he had a nervous breakdown, and he asks Brain the question, "What do you wanna do tonight?" in a more nervous tone. Brain had an unusual angry German voice, "ZE SAME THING VE DO EVERYNIGHT! TO GET TO THE VORLD AND TAKE IT HOSTAGE!" Skippy Squirrel comes out of nowhere, as Brain runs and punches him, as we see morbidly grotesque squirrel blood, with realistic gore. I was concerned that this episode was not meant for children. I cannot imagine what Warner Bros. was thinking when they showed this to every little chum in America.

I planned on shutting the tape off. Little did I know that there was the biggest, fucked up horror of the episode, Yakko and Wakko fucked Pinky and the Brain up their asses, and we hear Slappy Squirrel crying in the background regarding about Skippy's death.

I shut the tape off. In other words, I didn't want to waste more of my precious evening. I took the tape out and was about to throw it away in the trash. But then, I heard a snicker. It was from a tape! I didn't know that until the tape laughed out loud in a sinister tone. He then said in a martian voice, "I come in peace. I am an Animaniac. And I'm suicidal to the max." I shuddered, grabbed the hammer, and tried to beat up the tape. For some odd reason, it came back to life. And... it stabbed me, with a knife.


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