This is the 1st creepypasta narrated by Dasht95 a.k.a BRANDONTHEUSELESS 


I always liked barney and friends, its a show about a pink dinosaur that can bring peace and love and of course fun to children of all ages even 0 years old, but i've always thought that barney was a pedophile and always hangs out with prepubescent children but barney hasn't been diagnosed with pedophilia yet, he's just a normal beloved children show character thats been on since 1989.

I was sick with an eternal illness known as "cancer" but im waiting for my surgery anyway I was bored and decided to turn on the hospital tv and as soon as I turned it on the intro for barney was coming on, like what I said at the start of my story I always loved barney and I couldn't miss out on watching it.

The intro played as normal but as soon as the episode came on it showed a picture of barney holding a knife and behind him is a pile of dead children and a pile of dead puppies next to the children pile.

It then showed children going to an ice cream truck with barney inside the ice cream truck serving ice cream to the children who came to him.

"Hey Children Wanna Look In My Ice Cream Truck" Said barney wierdly to the children and they went into the truck and they were never seen again.

Then it cut to a scene where barney found out he was a pedophile and he's been hanging out with too many children so he kidnapped a child and said to him "hey want some pressies" barney said to the child.

Then the credits came on there was no music at all and there was the directors and producers.

I feel asleep scaredly, Thanks for reading my story BYE!!!

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