Emma was New at the High school... Today Was Buffet Day, Emma Went to room and all her favorite Foods were There... She Began to stuff herself.

Her Pants were Bursting, Her belly was Grow. She began to grow, Her butt began to grow, She began to grow man boobs.

She was REALLY obese now, Her Butt was like a giant bomb... A hot Boy Came into the Room, Emma fluttered. The Boy took a tube with chocolate filler and stuff it in her mouth, Her belly began to grow, her Butt was Bigger. The school Roof began to break open, Emma took the tube and stuffed it into the boy's mouth the boy was now obese like Emma, The witch and the boy got their energy stealed by the evil teacher, She used it to destroy earth, Emma took her big butt and killed the teacher...

the end!


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