Post 1Edit

I logged into Facebook but grew bored due to the fact that nobody I wanted to chat with was online. I decided to go searching for something to download, as that is what I do if I get bored or tired or even have nothing to do.

Post 2Edit

I looked up stuff (like memes, .GIFs, etc) but soon realized the internet was being slow. I figured that a lot of people were on it, because it was one week until Christmas, so I waited.

Soon results popped up and I was searching down lists. There was this website called "Downloads You Should Totally" I know, it was a stupid name, but I was bored and went to the site.

Post 3Edit

It took a long time to load. For some reason, it didn't want to work right, but it started uo and I was on the site. Most of the stuff there was porn (which I gladly don't do,) but then there was this download that caught my eye. It was written in beautiful Grass Fonts, but the description seemed a little weird.

Hey, you, wanna download something totally cool?
You wanna be the envy of all your friends?
Well look no furthur, this download may seem weird,
But it's all cool and virus-free.
Made by Apple-and-Mac, this download is like a wallpaper
For all the websites you go to!
It makes dull things seem bright and vivid!
So download! Download! Download!

Post 4Edit

I just laughed at this point. Should I have downloaded it? My senses were tingling, and I pressed "DOWNLOAD."

Then I screamed.

Post 5Edit

My computer froze and the face of a dead child was staring at me. There was laughing in the background. Then I heard footsteps behind me.

I jerked my head around and saw a tall male staring right down at me, smiling. He said:

You were a fool to download that app. It will cost you so dearly, and you will wish you never looked those up. 

"W-who are you? I'm gonna call the police!"

I control the police.

I screamed and ran as fast as I could, but the man grabbed my leg and I stumbled downstairs, accidentaly cutting myself and breaking my glasses, sending shards of broken glass slicing into my face.

Post 6Edit

The man pulled out a knife. Then he stabbed me and I died.


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