1) Crash Bandicoot Origins

2) The Lost Episode of Dudley Do-Right (Rocky & Bullwinkle)

3) The Curious George Lost Episode

4) The Lost Episode of Everybody Loves Raymond.

5) Frasier: The Harvard Vaults

6) Beavis & Butthead Origins

7) The Lost Episode of Beetle Bailey

8) Who Wants to Be a Millionaire Lost Episode (?)

9) The Lost Episode of Wheel of Fortune

10) The Oprah Winfrey Lost Episode

11) Tiny Toon Adventures Lost Episode (Montana Max's Suicide)

12) How (Subway's) Jared Really Lost the Weight.

13) The Lost Episode of Popeye the Sailor Man

14) The Lost Episode of Deal or No Deal

15) Bill O'Reilly Returns

16) The Haunted Denny's Restaurant.

17) Wally Bear and the NO! Gang

*18) Head for the Hills

19) MichiganJFrog.exe

20) The Lost Episode of The Price is Right

21) American Idiot

22) The Lost Episode of Monday Night Football

23) The Lost Episode of Inspector Gadget

24) New Mommy

25) Yogi Bear's Great Reawakening

26) The Big Bang Theory

27) Samus's Suicide (The Lost Metroid Episode)

28) Hungry Hungry Hippos?

29) Lost Episode of Fawlty Towers

30) Adventure Time

31) The Pinky and the Brain Lost Episode

32) The Legend of Zelda Lost Episode

33) Guitar Hero

34) Where's Waldo

35) Papa John's Fritos Chili Cheese Pizza

36) Rockstar Photograph

37) Dr. Mario

38) You Are Alone

39) 21st Century Breakdown.

40) The Lost Episode of Lamb Chop

41) FreePainReport.Com

42) Burger King (Have It Your Way)

43) The Irate Gamer Show

44) The O'Reilly Factor

45) The Flintstones' Series Finale

46) Discount Doublecheck

47) Johnny the Emo Skeleton

48) The Lost Episode of George of the Jungle

49) Everything Will Be Alright in the End

50) Santa Claus Was Real

51) Space Rock

52) American President Theory

53) What Color is This Dress?

54) Ebola

55) When a Man's Gotta Go

56) Omegle

57) Yogi Bear Adventures!

58) Super Mario Falls into a Pit

59) The Dunkin Donuts Massacre. (Part One)

60) DaveTheUseless's Creepy Journal: Day 1

61) Holder of Taco Bell

62) Fast Food is Evil.

63) Castlevania Theory

64) Honey Boo Boo is a Lie

(* Head for the Hills was co-written using material from an anonymous author.)

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