The Author of this Story is Dubiousdugong . This is the forty-eighth CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless.

You all know your neighborhood dentist. The ostensibly benign man or woman who checks up on your teeth to make sure you've been brushing and flossing regularly. Sure they're a bit overbearing sometimes, but they mean no harm. At least the ones that are insistent that you pay.
CREEPYPASTA Dentist's Bill

CREEPYPASTA Dentist's Bill

There are certain dentists that will practice under the facade that they do "charity work." They're usually male, but there have been plenty of cases of female dentists doing this. These dental practitioners will tell you that they are perfectly fine if you don't have the money up front. If you value your safety and well-being, pay the bill.

The night following your daytime appointment you will be held down by two strong men. Try as you might, you won't be able to escape from their unrelenting grip. The very same dentist who greeted you with a smile will proceed to take out a pair of pliers. One by one, he or she will remove your teeth. Molars and all. The two men forcing you down on your bed will be laughing alongside the dentist. At the end of it all, the dental expert will brand your gums with a small but distinct insignia using a hot iron. Once this invader has left with the two henchmen you may call 9-1-1.

When the EMTs arrive, any and all traces of them ever being there will be gone. The police will question you. No matter how much you tell them, the dental health expert will never be caught. Now you may be wondering the significance of the branding they placed on you during the procedure. If any dentist sees this, crooked or not, they will not give you dentures under any circumstances. You will never find a way to replace your lost teeth from a dental hygienist. If you find an under-the-table way of obtaining dentures, the dentist will come back and remove those.

It may seem that this is a little implausible. What about community dental colleges? Community dentists who work for "free?" Those places are teeth factories. And why would the dentists want your teeth? The colleges have to teach their students somehow. Selling teeth on the black market can also be quite lucrative. Remember to always pay the dentist's bill. Because if you don't, they always come back to collect...