Fluffy and Uranus gets revenge

Have you ever watched duckman on the usa channel? well you never heard of a lost forgotten episode of duckman. I bought a rare vhs tape from a hermet at a bootleg vhs stand. the cover has two teddy bears. one is pink and the other one is blue. I bought the vhs from the hermit for $3.00. but then he warned me, the tape you are holding is evil. I ignored him and drove home to put the tape in. the duckman intro started and hey wait a minute. the vsh is an episode of duckman that was never sean before. the title was very weird and it was called "fluffy and Uranus gets revenge." the episode starts with duckman walking to his office. cornfed welcomed duckman but duckman didn't answer. he was sad and felt like he's missing something from his life. "cornfed, do you think I was to hard on fluffy and Uranus?" cornfed didn't replie. then a sound of wind blows into play. the lights go out. and two shadowy fiures come in. "mr.duckman, we have a surprise for you." said the two voices. cornfed was nowhere to be seen. duckman walks into the door to take a peek. and he found everyone including cornfed and duckmans family dead. he looks down and he saw fluffy and Uranus with a butcher knife. there eyes were hollow and they have blood dripping everywere. "you should have not eviscerate us for all those seven seasons. so we desided to eviscerate your friends and family mr.duckman" said fluffy and Uranus. duckman then ot chop into two waistlenth with highly realistic gore. the two laughted evily with the detatched head of duckman and the episode ends. in the cover art of the vhs, it was suppost to be the series finalie where fluffy and Uranus finaly have duckman get what he deserves. I hid the vhs into my vault so no people can see this. but then I turned on the tv. and I was relived to see a real episode of duckman. the end.

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