There used to be this game at an arcade called "Games n' Stuff." The game was called "G'algatoth Counterpart," and was based off of a science fiction horror movie. Originally, the game was created by an arcade company called "Permanent Borttagning," which is supposedly Swedish for "Permanent Deletion."

The game itself is based on a genius boy whose world is endangered as aliens are attacking the earth, and is trained by members of the Area 51 to battle the aliens. All over the world, there have been sightings of the mysterious game. Players of the game refuse to give any information about their experience, and suffer minor headaches. Some players have even purportedly carved strange messages into their forearms, variating from "No hope" to "My life is torment." For these reasons the game was removed from the arcade and shipped back to the company. Later in 2012, more sightings of the game had appeared all over the internet. The photographers of the pictures refused to play the game when they had seen it.

The game still has been sighted by many gamers. Some gamers online have even played it, and reported feeling very uneasy as if they were being watched, but nothing usually comes bad of it.

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