Written by peculi.

No one cared about Katie until she joined the girl scouts. At school she was mostly ignored, the strange quiet girl in the back of class. One day an older student and senior scout approached Katie and told her about the local troop, the camping and earning badges and fun retreats sounded amazing. Her troop met twice every week and sometimes they went camping on the weekends. Katie enjoyed every minute. During the retreats they would would pitch tents and play ball and do all sorts of fun camp activities. She earned badges left and right, things like sewing, cooking, knot tying, even shooting bow and arrows. Katie especially liked craft time, it always got messy but she made beautiful creations with the materials the older girls found in nature. She made friends there, her only friends. They cared about her and shared her interests. She loved her camp counselors, older girls who wanted their scouts to be creative and have fun. There were four important rules: respect one another, participate in camp activities, keep events and ideas of the girl scouts between one another, and leave all campgrounds exactly as you found them. The campgrounds were extra special, there was a new one for every retreat and the counselors would put keep out signs in the surrounding area of our camp to ensure no one would disturb us. At night they would make a great big bonfire to cook their meal while chatting and telling spooky stories. The stories never bothered Katie, she was no baby. it was one of the things that made her so good in the camp. Things were going so well for her, until one of the scouts broke rule number four. She didn’t clean up well enough, left their food scrap bones, craft supplies. Katie couldn’t understand why her parents and the officers were so upset with their troop. Even the morning news called Katie’s troop a “cannibalistic cult.” How dare they say such mean things about them? After all, those hikers did trespass on their campground. The police didn’t even let her keep the crafts she worked so hard on.

Video Edit

CREEPYPASTA- Girl Scouts02:25


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