In 2001 there was this man who worked at a gold mine deep in the heart of California, Little Texas. Some said it was supernatural --- his abilities to find gold even in the roughest vacant-est mines. He even found gold in mines they had already finished searching in.

He became known as "Goldman." The name caught and the man Illegally changed his to Goldman, which everyone thought was ridicoulous. Soon he started a foundery where they made things out of gold. These items were so valuable and expensive, they costed millions. Once a nine-ton pound crate full of gold arrived. They melted it into liquid. Goldman was staring blissfully into the pot of swirming gold... then something horrible happened.

One of the workers pushed him in it. He fell into the gold, swimming and burning alive. It was revealed to be heated to a sweltering 9,000 degrees! The man's flesh bubbled off and his face began melting. Pure franticity was on the last bits of his face... and his charred remains sunk into the boiling liquid-e goldness... and Goldman was dead. At his funeral nobody could stop laughing because of the name, even the priest and religious figures. His whole funeral was funny, but hey, it was his fault, he decided to transport his name to Goldman!

From depression the place was torn down. Condemned, a button factory was founded on top of it in 2012. But the people didn't know it was built on Goldman's buriel. Horrible deaths, murders and incidents happened over years. They say it was the ghost of Goldman. He would violently burn and stab workers and kill them. That place was taken down, too, and a firm was built on top of it seven years later (which is impossible in recent times). That place ended up burning with the workers in it. People had no choice but to bomb the land, and set it up as a mine field for the military's favors.

Now, whenever you find a mine field, it may have been once-bought ground for the great gold foundery of dead Goldman.

Credit goes to EndlessLemon. If you put this on any other sites then please credit it to EndlessLemon.

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