It was a quiet, fun day in the woods. Harvey, Fee, and Foo were playing together.

"Hey guys," Harvey called out to the twins. As they were running around recklessly, they stopped and listened to Harvey's demands. "Uh, why don't we play tag?"

The two thought to themselves, and then said: "Okay." They start to hide, as Harvey continued to 10. As he was, the screen began to flicker static, and the audio began scraggly as he continued to count. When he finally reached 10, the screen flickered one last time; a laughter, a really high pitched laughter came through.

You could quite pin it, but... it sounded otherworldly. It was a mixture between Harvey's laugh and a evil, more mixed with static laugh. The static reveals a sickening image of Harvey preforming an autopsy on Foo. Foo is screaming and wailing, but Harvey simply opens his chest. Blood splattered all over the bird's face, which turned into a demented grin.

After the autopsy is finished, Harvey inserts himself into Foo's wound, like a Halloween costume. He gets up, still in Foo's body, and starts to walk offscreen. The rest of the short however, is just images of black-and-white autopsy's played with slicing and blood splattering noises.

The screen now shows Fee, alone in darkness.

"Harvey, this isn't funny." She says, obviously angry at Harvey's creepiness.

"Oh, but it is for me." a voice, that sounded like Foo, said.


"Yes. Come closer, darling." the voice tells Fee, as she starts to run into the darkness. No one was there, and this confused Fee. Suddenly something grabbed Fee's feet, and started to drag her across the floor into the darkness. Blood splattered out, as Foo's hand pops up.

The screen now shows Harvey preforming on Fee. After that, he starts to feast on her organs as the screen goes black.

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