Have you heard of Harvey Beaks? Well, I bet you heard of Harvey Dicks; the original version of Harvey Beaks.

Like Spongedick, it was originally supposed to be a five film-series, that would air on Fooaloda - I meant Nickelodeon, not Foo; he's from Harvey Beaks! Excuse me if I am wrong, but maybe Foo is... The Illuminati! It's obvious, Foo is the triangle; while Harvey is the pile of shit; Fee is hell, obviously.

I was watching The Walking Dead on AMC, when I started to get eplipcy from my dick and balls. You see, I started chatting - and the same time fapping, while typing - to a 12-year-old Hispanic girl named Juliet.

Today she promised I would get to see her tits, after she photoshops them at Fed-Ex. Instead of sending me tit pics, she send me this... Floppy disk covered in feces and cum. It had, "Har-bee-dicks," on it in cum and feces, so I watched it. It started with Bert and Ernie fucking and kissing each other at the same time, the words: 'GAY', flashing in and out.

The door rings, and Ernie says: "Well, uh, fuck." He goes to the door, and reveals his massive penis to the mailman.

"Um." The mailman says, covering his face with his bag.

"Well?" Ernie grunts.

"Bye." Suddenly the mailman slams the door in Ernie's face.

"Well, um, I guess he doesn't like me Bert." He looks over to Bert, whose typing and skyping a 12-year-old, and fapping to her at the same time.

"Don't th-"

The episode is cut off by a picture of shit, feces, and cum.

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