The Secret Burger Of Mcdonalds

I love mcdonalds burgers they're nice and flat and not hard to chew on but mcdonalds has had a secret burger known as the "BIG MAC" I know that the big mac is not really a secret burger since it's been served to people before BUT there's definitely something hidden in the big mac that can make it so delicious, ok first off i've had the big mac before and it's FUCKING DELICIOUS!!! but that doesent make it definitely the best burger ever, there's tons of burgers in mcdonalds that are delicious and just PERFECT!!!

I heard the news today and the report was "Local man dead over big mac burger" now I dont really believe that someone would die just by the big mac but wait "man dead after eating poisonous big mac" YEAHHHHHHHH! but still that still doesent make sense how would put poison in their burgers? NO-ONE thats right ABSOLUTELY NO-ONE WOULD PUT POISON IN THEIR FUCKING COCKSUCKING BURGERS!!!! Ok im calm now but still that didn't make any sense

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