I'm Was An Officer At NetFlix Company,I've put the family guy at program list,When I'm See Seth Green Entering at our office,He's forgot a Pen Drive at table,In This Pen Drive,Had all the Episodes at the Co. Computer and was buffering the 1995 pilot,but,when was at 40%,a new window open,and was writen "10S4E9",when the window has opening,Seth MacFarlane Calls and say: "Don't do this Mistake,but if you ignore me,I just sorry" and ring out.

The Family Guy Theme played,normal,no gothic,no serious,no sad,normal,like another episodes,after the opening,stewie appeared dancing,and the episode was called "Road To",more nothing,the episode started,Stewie,By some reason,Was Sleeping on Joe's Swanson Carpet,When Joe,acidentally passed over Stewie,broking his ribs,Joe's Kills Bonnie And Go Out Of Quahog,the camera zoom on Stewie for 5 minutes,and Griffin Family Comes to Take Stewie,They See Stewie Dead.The Family Goes Home,And Peter Take A Knife and Aim To Brian and those have a conversation

Peter:Go To Home with Your best friend,Brian

Brian:What The Fuck you talking about

Peter:Stewie has died

Brian:Do this NOW!

Peter cuts off Brian's Head,And Take 1 Pound Of Analgesics,Peter has Paralized for 12 days.

Chris was arrested for consuming Crack,Meg Runs To Quahog Hospital,Her Found Quagmire,vomiting Blood,he's got AIDS and Hemorraghy,he's Gave a gun to Meg,Meg Runs out of Hospital,Her Says

Meg:I'll Do This,I'll Die Happy,I'm Guess....


Meg Started To Cry Blood,Her's Takes an Apple,Then Put Blade into it,Make Same Die To Blood absence.They Goes To Meg's Funeral,Lois faint and fall on Meg's grave,West Cover Her's Grave with Concrete,Lois Died Buried Alive,Quagmire Sits on a tree next to Meg's grave,and talk something,but your voice was replaced for incomprensive sounds.

Seth Green Say

Seth:Are You Mad?


Seth Take A Beer and explained the truth of the episode

Seth:This episode was a halloween prank,but something goes wrong,but when the writers look at windows of office,they seen a guy with panic then jump at the eighty floor at the building,they change all the script

I'm:What's Quagmire Says in final of the episode?

Seth:Everything Is Forever,But Not Our Lives....

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