The Author of this Story is Crabgravy. This is the eighty-seventh CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless.

There is a little game that is not that well know by people, some teenagers in my town do at sleepovers from time to time, it’s a game where you can see the other half of yourself. The other half that you wish didn’t exist or remember. It is nicknamed the “Other Half Game”, it is recommended that you do not play this game with others beside you. You MUST do it alone in a room. Here are the materials you will need.        

-       1 Candle.

-       1 Match.

-       1 Piece of Paper.

-       A Pen or Pencil.

-       And any object that is most sincere to you.

Step 1: Make sure that you are in a room that is completely dark and with a mirror with a table right underneath it. Write your full name. First, middle (if you have one) and last. After you done that place the object that you love on the paper and push both the paper and object to the side slightly. 

Step 2: Light the candle and place right underneath you so that your face is Illuminated by the light, then look into the mirror and say these words EXACTLY. No stuttering, no mess-ups, no pauses, nothing. Stare into the mirror and say “Get out”. You must say it three times and the final time yell it out, if you do it right your reflection shall stare at you with a demented smile on its face. Quickly get out of the room. If you have failed to exit in time your evil shall consume your entire body.  

If you have succeeded you have now split your good half from your evil half, you will never do a bad thing again and may carry on with your night. But be warned, you evil half stays with you like a ghost, haunting you. There will be times when odd events occur like doors opening by themselves or bad headaches whenever you enter certain rooms. On a rare occasion sometimes you will see your evil half smiling at you in the same room you split it apart from you.

Video Edit

CREEPYPASTA- Other Half02:36


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