Screaming Toilet After Hearing "PeePee Before Sleepie"

Remember that line that people say everytime before they go to bed "PeePee Before Sleepie" Its not that annoying but I have a story to tell you about the peepee before sleepie thing. Now im not the person who's responsible for this stupid line people say when they need a pee before they sleep, you guys are! I mean't that you guys say it every single fucking time! so this need's to stop RIGHT COCKSUCKINGLY NOW!!! or i'll go ape shit on yo ass I ACTUALLY MEAN IT!! the line is suprisingly annoying for many reasons well not many reasons but a few.

Reason 1. Just right before you go to sleep you need the fucking toilet so you say to your friend who dosen't give a shit "Hey man PeePee Before Sleepie" So he dosen't give a fuck he just sits there doing absolutely nothing he's just sillent.

"GET AWAY FROM ME YOU PEDOPHILE" that's exactly what your friend next to you says every fucking time!

So here's some advice for you cocksuckers "DONT FUCKING SAY PEEPEE BEFORE SLEEPIE BITCHES" :)

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