The world is ending.

Fox had once conducted a series of drills in case an apocalypse took place. It was a very stupid idea, but some fell for it, and I felt sorry for them. However one night they had taken things too far.

“Please, remain calm, this is not a drill, THIS IS NOT A DR—”

Static engulfs the screen.

Then warning signals.

It cuts to a different broadcasting.

A man is looking very tense, and then suddenly he just passes out on camera, lying on his desk. His business suit stained with coffee.

I nodded to myself.

This cannot be true….’ I told myself, laughing. ‘They are obviously lying… the world is not ending...’ And before I know it, screaming sounds outside, and so does a loud bang followed by a blinding flash of green light.

“What the heck is going on out there!” I yelled, jerking open the blinds. Everything is one fire — and even some people. Houses are crumbling. Cars are exploding. Death is blobbing its way to me.

And then for one second there is plain hope… I will live… I will be the one survivor… this will work out…

But then I hear laughing and look back out the window to see a figure with blue flames surrounding him, and he stares into a lady’s eyes… and she lets out a bloodcurdling scream and drops dead right there.

Then… I swear… I swear that he looked into my eyes… and then everything driften off.. I felt like I was floating through clouds… and then I realized I was dying.

I found myself curled up into a ball on the floor… blood pooling me. I had several lacerations all over me, and I was tied in barbwire. Blood was oozing from my skin. The sharp wire tore my flesh… and then I let out a wild scream and then I pass out.

When I awake, I am in a dark-red abyss, the man is standing in front of me and laughing.

I whimper, and he says, “Silly human. Your ignorance will cost you dearly….”

I squirm and try to break free of the bonds.. but they just rip my flesh even deeper. The man laughs, very maniacally, and then he evaporates into the redness…. but then…

I jolt out of my bed and fall onto the ground. I am sweating like mad. I suppose that it was all a nightmare… nothing serious… just a very nasty nightmare. Suddenly I hear the Television cut on by itself in the other room. ‘That's odd,’ I think.

So I decide to go get some breakfast.. but get a quick glimpse at the TV to see a very wary and frale looking man is staring at the camera. But I swore he was staring at me.

“Please remain calm, but I repeat this is not a drill, THIS IS NOT A DRILL!”

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