Bears love meatballs.

There was a restraunt in the wold west, a long time ago. This place served meatballs, and plenty of them. Once, they were on a shortage of meatballs and everyone freaked out! 

What were they to do? They weren't going to get a shipment of meatballs for months! A man started searching for meatballs, and found a secret chamber hidden underground, just right under a parlor.

The man stole the meatballs and took them back to the meatball place -- and everyone was saved! However, a man was about to eat one.... until he heard the meatball speak to him! He screamed and ran out of the place, and barely anyone ever went to that place again.

Alternate VersionEdit

Back, way back, way way back in the wild west there was a restraunt. It went by the name 'El Meatball' and served what you'd think, meatballs. This place had a seemingly endless suply of meatballs. Or so they thought! There was then a shortage of meatballs, and nobody knew what to do.

A man, 'EL Macho' claimed that he would search for meatballs, even if it costed him his life. He started searching and found a vault underground, called 'The Meatball Vault.' He then stole the meatballs from there, and returned them back to El Meatball. 

As all seemed gained, a meatball started blabbering to one of the cooks. It whispered something to him -- and then he screamed and took off running, getting fired.

Ever since nobody has went to that meatball place, nobody who wants to talk to a meatball!

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