Clown Photo In Episode

I am your narrator and I have a question for you fellos out there who are currently reading this, do you remember the fresh prince of bel air? cause I do but it's not as happy as you think! My mom took me to a yogurt shop to buy some yogurts, but all of a sudden! A vhs tape falls on my fucking head! It really hurt but I didn't think much of it.

The intro started as soon as the tape touched the vhs tape player and there's nothing, there's no basketball, no guys that are up to no good, no THIS IS A TALE ALL ABOUT HOW MY LIFE GOT FLIPPED TURNED UPSIDE DOWN none of that shit.

The episode played and will looks at a wall that says "SUCK MY COCK" written in blood and yet there's nothing really to say about this episode, but the only complain is that will isn't will he's a gorilla going to take over fucking USA THERE'S NOTHING WE CAN DOOOOOOOO! TO STOP HIM! 

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