IHOP, where the waiters are robots.

So, this one time I went to IHOP for breakfast. The waiter there wasn't a human, though. He was a robot!

"Hello, human, how may I take your order?" he said.

"I'll have the tripple strawberry donuts please, extra syrup."

Then, the robot sprayed me with syrup. I was now covered in sticky syrup. I looked back up the robot, who treded away, getting my order.

"What the heck?" I said, looking at myself.

Everyone in the restraunt was looking at me. I felt like a total idiot, but had to suck it up. Then, the robot came back without any food.

He shot pancakes out of his mouth at me. They all landed on my face and body. Now, I was covered with food.

"Oh yeah." snapped the robot. "I forgot your coffee."

He then sprayed coffeee all over me. I gasped. I looked at the robot, angry. The robot then gave me some strawberries. 

"I'll need a doggy-bag." I told the robot.

The robot then shot plastic bags out of his hands. I was so angry, I punched the robot in the face. There was a loud spark, and the robot fell over.

I walked out of IHOP, hoping to never go there again.

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