Progressive Inusrance is known for their cheesy, commercials and corny jokes.

Personally, I had bought Progressive Insurance for my whole family, just because of the commerial. I know, sounds stupid, but I'm not that bright I'll admit, and there are many things I could improve on. 

But, on a foggy night, I woke up on my bed, sweating. I couldn't sleep, so I decided that watching a little TV would make me sleepy. I slid out of bed, and walked into the living room. I flicked on the light, and sat in the couch. I eyed my remote before picking it up and turning on the TV. 

Then, the Progressive commercial came on. Flo was smiling, and very creepily. She started to giggle, before pulling out a gun and chuckling some more.

"You bought our insurance...." she said "And this ignorance will cost you..."

She then pulled the trigger on the gun, and the bullet blasted through the screen, striking at my feet. I screamed and jumped back onto the sofa, and looked at Flo. Her smile was so wide, if it was any wider her face would split in half. She laughed, before the commercial cuts to static, before a Pillsbury commercial comes on. I just sat there, staring at the TV wide-eyed. I picked up the remote and turned off the TV, and went to bed.

Must've been a dream.

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