Picture 1

The old lady...

Let me just tell you, there is no such thing as ghosts. That's what I thought before I had a paranormal encounter, and it wasn't pleasant...

It all started as a holiday vacation, and I had checked in at the Moore Hotel. I thought that it would be a pleasant stay; they had a buffet downstairs, a nice cozy fireplace, and as much blankets as you could hoist up on top of you. At first, I thought this hotel wouldn't be that nice, since the molding on the sign was peeling off.

But I misjudged it, it was too fancy to turn up. But, of course, a room just below mine was supposedly haunted. A few kids said that a man died in there, he drowned in the bathroom. One said it was suicide, the other said it was just a story, but the 3rd one said that it was an accident, and that he slipped and fell into the bathroom, drowning. I was freaked out for the first night, but then realized everything was fine, it wasn't haunted.

Then, the next night, I heard the rattling of chains down by the fireplace. I got up, and left my bed, and went downstairs to see what was happening.

Nobody was downstairs, and there was an eerie glow coming from outside the window. I tip-toed over to the fireplace, and saw a man sitting in an old rocking chair. He just sat there, rocking in that chair.

“Um… excuse me miss…. but I--”

I stopped talking and stared at her, until she turned around. She didn’t say anything, the old hag just sat in the chair, and stared at me. I felt like she was supernatural…. I could feel it. The glare in her eyes told me she was plotting to do something. I slowly walked away, starting to become freaked out.

“Where are you going?” the old lady said as she stood up from the rocking chair.

“No where..” I said, scared.

I bolted to the main entrance, and could already see her crawling towards me. Crawling on the ceiling.

“Why don’t you stay for cupcakes, dear?” the old lady asked.

“Well I’m not hungry..” I said.

I started twisting at the doorknob, before I could see the old lady, already behind me. Her mouth was full of sharp, pirhana-like teeth and had green glowing eyes. I kicked the door down, and ran into the night. I advanced towards my truck.

Sitting in the front passenger seat was the old lady.

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