This Story Was Created By MrCreepyPazta On Tumblr Enjoy! Plz Narrate This DaveTheUseless :)


It was a horrendous rainy day me and my friend jake were having a sleepover, i came over and helped jake unpack his stuff and move into my room for 3 days, then it was dinner “Guys dinnertime we’re having pizza” my dad called out to us, “Ok dad we’ll be down in an second” i replied, we ran downstairs and had our pizza and had a play about in our room and then jake had a wierd feeling that someone followed and watched him the whole day, he told me he had a new friend, “Jake can you describe your new friend like whats his name or what does he look like?” I said to jake, “his name is smiling black kitten” he said, “smiling black kitten? thats a wierd name” i said to jake, it was bedtime jake was acting creepy and i couldn’t really describe why, jake is sweating and panting himself to sleep i came over to check on him “jake whats up why are you sweating and panicing?” i said, “im being watched” jake replied “your being watched? by who?” i replied “the smiling black kitten” he said panically "what is he just smiling all the time?” i said “yes” panting jake said, i went downstairs and got him a glass of water but that didn’t stop him but he drinked it all, i went to sleep and jake went to sleep is well then he had a nightmare and he started acting suicidal and i tried to stop him but i couldn’t stop him then he pushed me to the floor he pulled up a knife aiming at my heart i kicked him a bunch of times then got him off of me, he fell to the floor and the knife flew up and fell and got him in the eye and then he wakes up at the hospital, then a moment later everybody saw him and fell sorry for jake after a bad sleepover “jake did that black kitten do this?” i said “yes” jake said quietly then he told me that smiling black kitten said “Go to bed”, the police show up at the house later on and try to find evidence of something strange in the boys room and after hearing about the smiling black kitten the police try they’re best to find anything about any strange paranormal activity in the room.

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