In any city, in 49 of the 50 states, in any country, go to any airport, or heliport you can get yourself into, ask for a plane ticket to new york, please make sure that it is the 10th of september. You must then fall alsleep so you'll be dead asleep at precicely 9:11 Am, or pm depending on when you went on the trip, When you wake up, it will be september 11th,, if you look at a clock or any watch you will also see that it is 2001, Your plane will be crashing tword the world trade center, you will somehow survive the crash along with 10 aribic men, One of them will hand you a model plane, based on the one you've just crashed, This plane, is object 451 of 666, use it well. because helecopters are for chumps


Writen By Toadtoad12345

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