Classic hanna barbera cartoons THEY ROCK!! but there's one show that I used to watch all the time and thats wacky races, if your not famillar with the show well its an old 1960's cartoon that everyone watched but it was cancelled sooner later on the month I was born in the 1970's, I was working as a restaurant janitor and it was lots of hard work "My boss is such an idiot" I said in my very wierd and susceptive mind, then I noticed the restaurant window was opened so I closed it and looked down, I saw a vhs store called "VHSBUSTERS" so I went over there to look for some vhs tapes based on something that was played way back, back when I was even born.

So I asked someone "hello there do you have any wacky races vhs tapes"? I said "nope sorry" he replied, So I went back to the restaurant and went to my hotel and I noticed there was a vhs tape on my bed, it was wacky races but it was all dusty and old and not many knew about it, I put into my vhs player and watched it.

The intro was there with all the racers you know the same ones my favorite when i was a kid was the red max, but the music was playing backwards and in the background it sounded like a 4 year old banging on the piano, it was scaring me to death then the episode started it showed dick dasterdly and muttley crying in their car. 

But their the bad guy why are they acting like this? after 10 seconds of dick dasterdly and muttley crying their eyes out the screen turned red and blurry, I couldn't see anything nothing but a red screen and blurriness that is not clear enough, then it was clearly to see through and it showed red max crashing and blood went all over the screen, then the episode ended there the credits played and it was absolutely silent and at the end, a faceless red max jumps at the screen and screams.

I was really scared, but I took the vhs tape out and threw it out the window and it was never heard from again.

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