The Author of this Story is F1neGentleman. This is the eighty-eighth CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless.

He is obsessed with those animals. Those powerful, seemingly cute animals. They are taking over his head. He doesn't talk about anything BUT those animals. Those horrible animals. After a while, he started playing with them all the time. They are taking over his mind. He has six of them.

One of them knows everything.

One of them is so beautiful that to gaze upon it, is to know divinity itself.

One of them is so strong.

One of them is the only kind one.

One of them is insanely happy.

And the last one, oh the last one. It has a great fury deep inside it.

And one day, that fury was released. A great sonic explosion of doom was unleashed on him.

He was a brony.

Video Edit

CREEPYPASTA- Those Animals01:22

CREEPYPASTA- Those Animals

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