The Author of this Story is Anonymous/Unknown. This is the seventy-sixth CreepyPasta that was narrated by DaveTheUseless.

For this ritual to work you must find a public restroom with no mirrors. Restaurants are the best for this to work. Go inside the restaurant and ask to use the bathroom. You must need to go or the worker will say you are a liar. If that doesn't happen and you go to the restroom anyway it will be blocked off forever from this ritual. When you enter the bathroom you must lock the door behind you or an evil presence will enter and never leave your dreams. Go about your business as you usually would then go to wash your hands. Stare at the wall where a mirror should be but isn't. Turn off the water and stare at that space, never letting your eyes wander away.
CREEPYPASTA To Find the Real World02:38

CREEPYPASTA To Find the Real World

Slowly silence will start to occupy the sounds of customers or the outside world. When the sound dies a hazy reflection of yourself will appear. This is a sign that you have done things correctly. Take a deep breath and go outside without drying your hands. The outside world will be void of people or animals, completely empty. You are inside your mind, the world your brain created but without the imaginary creatures you thought up to combat the loneliness. This knowledge will always be at the forefront of your thoughts. If you see a person in this empty world, they are not to be trusted. This person is there to make sure you don't find out this truth that your world is really empty. You must pretend that there are still others walking around. Do not show that you are aware of reality or the person will take you away to a place beyond hell itself. When you feel your hands start to dry, run back into the bathroom before they do and you will be safe. If you let your hands dry in the real world you will be trapped forever, having to pretend that humanity exists. But then again... you're already pretty good at it, aren't you?

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